Frequently Asked Questions


A. Please select the appropriate category and provide the product information with the required photos. Within 48 hours you will receive the results of the verification. Quick Verification >

A: Quick Verification results are produced within 48 hours.

A. Details of the product is of utmost importance to the verification process; therefore, please take clear, focused images under good lighting. Please refer to the photo instructions for more details.

A. Customs can be authenicated. We only authenticate the base model of the product. Depending on the custom there may be a chance it will result in "Unable to Authenticate" under this condition a refund will be permitted.

A. The insole are attached by two tapes, it may be difficult be removed, but please do so. If the problem persists, please visit "How to remove insole".

A: Results will be available 48 hours after the additional photos have been submitted.

A: Quick Verification's accuracy is second to none; however, Complete Verification allows us to have the physical product in the hands of our Verification Associates, as such, if you have any doubt please utilize our Complete Verification service.

A: In some cases, additional photos are required, as such, seller's may not provide additional photos; therefore, we recommend to have the product in hand prior to using the service.


A: First create an account, enter of the necessary information then you will receive a Complete Verification Kit. Follow the instruction in the kit and send product back to our HQ. Upon completion of the service, we will ship the product back to you.

A.Yes. In addition, we will ship the bulk order back as efficiently as possible.

A: Please ship all accessories along with the verification item. We will return all the accessories together when sending the product back.

A: Upon receiving the product, the verification process takes 3-5 days. The entire process from shipping the product out and receiving the product back takes roughly a week.

A.You will receive the verification results once the product has been authenticated. An email will be sent out prior to the product being returned to the specified address. 

A. Shipping costs for "Complete Verification" will be covered by the customer. Complete Verification

A: Currently we do not accept drop-offs.

A: Users who are familiar with the process and have a Protection Tag in hand. First time users of the service or one's who do not have a Protection Tag in hand must order a Complete Verification Kit.

A: The Complete Verification Kit takes 2-3 days after you've placed your order to arrive. If you have waited past 3 days please use the Contact Us form.

A.There is no specified company, you may use whichever is most convenient for you. 

A. Yes, a fee is required under the following circumstances: 

・The old tag is still attached

・The Verification Certificate is provided 

Once we receive the product with the original tag attached and Verification Certificate enclosed we will reissue a new tag and certificate with a new serial number. The cost will be 1000 yen with the shipping cost provided by the customer. 


A: You can find your results via email or via the "My Account" page under your history or by searching in the Serial Number Verification page.

A: There are three types of results: Authentic: A real/genuine product, Fake: A replica product. Not from original manufacturer, Unable to Authenticate: Due to certain issues we are not able to verify.

A: In the case of "Unable to Verify" the reasons follows:

1. Due to the lack of information or information requested but not submitted within the given timeline, the authenticator deemed it as "Unable to Verify". In this case no refund will be given. *Quick Verification Only

2. Due to the complexity of the product. Ex. Box not matching the shoe. We may deem it as "Unable to Verify". In this case no refund will be given.

3. In the case where our Verification Associates cannot make a judgement we will provide a full refund.

A: Quick Verification: You can download/print your verification results within the details of your order in the "My Account" page.

Complete Verification: The Verification Certificate will be sent back with the product upon completetion of the service.

A. Unfortunately, the verification process is a trade secret.

A: The Verification ID is the ID that will be utilized for checking the progress of the service or for any inquires made. The Serial Number is only provided to products that have passed the verification process, as such, you can always track back to the results using the Serial Number Verification page.


A: We cannot cancel a verification once it has been processed. Make sure everything is in order beforehand. For Complete Verification the service may be cancelled if the Complete Verification Kit has not been shipped.

A: Quick Verification: This service cannot be changed once it has been processed.

Complete Verification: Please contact our Verification Chat to make the necessary changes prior to shipping the product to us.

A: We offer authentication for apparel, accessories, caps, etc. Please refer to our Authenticated Brands page for the catalogue.

A: Please refer to our Authenticated Brands page for the full catalogue.

A: Quick Verification: We authenticate shoes without the original box. Please leave image requirements of the box empty.

Complete Verification: We only authenticate deadstock items with the original box and accessories for this service. However, if you insist then please check off the important information prompted prior to checkout for services without the original box/ accessories. .

A: For questions regarding an order, please use the verification chat once you've logged in. For any other inquiries please use the Contact Us form.

A: It depends on the service Quick Verification: We accpet pre-owned items for this service.

Complete Verification: We only authenticate new and deadstock items for this service; however, if you insist then we will also authenticate it for you. You must acknowledge that there may be a chance that the results will come back as "Unable to Verify".


A. We accept the following payment methods: Credit Cards (VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, DINERS), Alipay, Paypal, LINEpay.

A: You can access your e-receipt via your Verification Details within My Account.

A: Our authentication process is rigorous and evidence based; therefore, no refunds will be given, unless there was an error made.


A: For all general inquires please use the Contact Us form, or call us at 03-5774-3077. For inquiries with a Verification ID, please utilize our verification chat.

A: Email and phone number can now be edited via the website. The steps follows: Login > My Account > Account Information > Edit > Save.

A: Once you log into your account, within the My Account page under Setting there will be an Account Information tab. Within Account Information you may change your information. Please note that email and phone number changes will require additional verification.

A. Please check your Junk folder or Trash folder.

A. We provide services in Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, and English. Please utilize the language settings to switch between languages. Contact and chat forms can be communicated in all five languages as well.

A: All services require registration. It is a quick and simple process.

A: The Protection Tags have a flat rate shipping of 550 Yen.

A: The Quick Verification service is available globally. The Complete Verification service is exclusive to those who reside in Japan.

A: We are always hiring, please see our Career page for details.

A. If you would like to delete your account, please first logout of your account, then via the Contact Us, email us your request including your email address and phone number. We will confirm your account info and delete your account.

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