Frequently Asked Questions

A. Please select the appropriate category and provide the product information with the required photos. Within 48 hours you will receive the results of the verification. Quick Verification >

A. Two reasons for "Unable to Verify".

1. Images provided are insufficient.

2. Verification associate was unable to verify with the photos provided.

A. "Unable to verify" refund rules are by the following:

1. If the images provided are insufficient, we will require a resubmission of new images within 48 hours. If the photo submissions are not provided within the time provided, there will not be a refund.

2. If the result is due to our verification associate's inability to provide a result then a refund will permit.

A. Details of the product is of utmost importance to the verification process; therefore, please take clear, focused images under good lighting. Please refer to the photo instructions for more details.

A. Shipping costs for "Complete Verification" will be covered by the customer. Complete Verification>

A. We accept the following payment methods: Credit Cards (VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, DINERS), Alipay, Paypal, LINEpay.

A. Please utilize the chatform under each individual order detail. Inquires about the website, please us the "Contact Us" link.

A. We provide services in Japanese, Chinese, and English. Please utilize the language settings to switch between languages. Contact and chat forms can be communicated in all three languages as well.

A. The results may be: Authentic, Fake, Unable to authenticate.

A. Unfortunately, the verification process is a trade secret.

A. Customs can be authenicated. We only authenticate the base model of the product. Depending on the custom there may be a chance it will result in "Unable to Authenticate" under this condition a refund will be permitted.

A. Please check your Junk folder or Trash folder.

A. Changes to email address cannot be changed via "My Page", please contact us for changes.

A. Our verification results in hardcopy is obtained by:

[Quick Verification]: Authentic or Fake results will be provided by a PDF copy of the results and can be printed by the customer. This can be accessed within the order details.

[Complete Verification]: Authentic or Fake certifications will be provided by hardcopy with the product when shipped back to the customer.

A. The insole are attached by two tapes, it may be difficult be removed, but please do so. If the problem persists, please visit 'How to remove insole'.