Social Media Conditions

In order to allow the fruition of Fake Buster we will utilize social media outlets to promote the brand.

Definition of Social Media

Our social media outlets include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and electronic bulletin boards that will promote newletters.

Dear Social Media Users

Anything other than official Fake Buster social media accounts do not adhere or stand for the message and commitment of Fake Buster. We will not be associated with users comments or any third party inflictions or opinions. Anything posted on any platform will not be associated in terms of responsibility to Fake Busters. We will not be responsible for any inaccurate information posted by us; however, we do commit to providing the most accurate information possible. Please do not take the actions of any kind as follows: Personal Information posted of others or yourself inflict on Fake Buster or any third party members Trademark, Copyright or any law infringing content Public order and morals will be based on the judgement of IVA

FAKE BUSTERS official account(2019/4

IVA CO. LTD public relation department, official Instagram page.

This social media will change at any time without notice.

Updated April 20, 2019