Complete verification helps mediate both seller and buyer through an unbiased, external institution.

Fill out the submission form and proceed to payment
A Complete Verification Kit will be delivered to the indicated address
Verify that all contents are provided and proceed to read the manual
Attach the tag as instructed by the manual and sign the back of the tag.
Return the product back to the FB Lab with the provided shipment label
Once the product is received, the Verification Team will proceed to verify the product with its expertise
Once inspected a detail report will be provided electronically first under the order number on the site.
The product will be returned with a physical copy of the report to the indicated address.
Kit Delivery
Kit Verification
Tag attachment
Return to Lab
Complete Verification
Verification Results
Shipment Delivery

Complete Verification allows Fake Buster's verification associates to have the product in-hand to not only do a visual inspection, but also utilitze the state-of-the art technology to verify materials, tags, and numbers.

Upon verification of an authentic product, Fake Buster will provide a seal of authenticity. The seal of authenticity is individually numbered as a serial number that can be looked up through Fake Buster's website.

A final authenticity report will be provided.