Full In-Depth Analysis at the Verification Lab
Verification Certificate with Unique Serial Number

Complete verification helps mediate both seller and buyer through an unbiased, external institution. Complete Verification allows FAKEBUSTER'S verification associates to have the product in hand to not only do a visual inspection, but also utilize state-of-the-art technology to verify materials, tags, and serial numbers.
Upon verification of an authentic product, FAKEBUSTERS will provide a unique metal material tag with a unique serial number that can be found within FAKEBUSTERS' Archive. In addition, a Verification Certificate will be provided with all authentic products.
The service is catered for a wide variety of consumers including collectors, buyers, sellers, and resell platforms and stores.
If an error occurs during any part of the verification process a full refund will be provided.

Enter Product Info.
Request the Complete Verification service.
Provide the product and customer information.
Request the Verification Kit to a specified address.
*If a Protection Tag is on hand then a Verification Kit is not necessary.
Attach The Provided Tag
Mail It To Our Lab
Attach the tag provided within the kit.
Protection Tags may substitute this step.
Sign the back of the tag.
*Shipping charges are not covered by the service.
A World Renounced Verification Team
With Their Expertise And Specialized Equipment
Will Complete A Full In-Depth Analysis
Once the product reaches our lab our Verification team will complete a full in-depth analysis utilizing their expertise with specialized equipment and AI technology to complete the most accurate Verification results.
*The Verification process takes 3-5 days after it has arrived at our labs to complete.
Product and Verification Certificate
Will Be Shipped Back
Only authenticate products will have a metal FAKEBUSTERS' tag provided with the unique serial number.
You may access your results via FAKEBUSTER'S Archives.
*Shipping charges are not covered by the service.
Once the service is complete an email will be sent regarding the results and serial number.

Please eneter the serial number attached to the FAKEBUSTER'S tag to view profile

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I drop off my product?

A. Currently we do not accept drop-offs.

Q. I have multiple verification orders, may I ship them together?

A. Yes. In addition, we will ship the bulk order back as efficiently as possible.